Thursday, 12 December 2013

Entrepreneur DNA

Mark Suster's list of attributes on what makes an entrepreneur.
More great reading material here also.
  1. Tenacity.
  2. Street Smarts.
  3. Ability to Pivot.
  4. Resiliency.
  5. Inspiration.
  6. Perspiration.
  7. Willingness to Accept Risk.
  8. Attention to Detail.
  9. Competitiveness.
  10. Decisiveness / Gets Things Done.
  11. Domain Experience.
  12. Integrity.

Entrepreneur DNA


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

24 DOs and DON’Ts for Building the Next Facebook

Brett Martin on startups
24 DOs and DON’Ts for Building the Next Facebook via Medium.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour

A selection of sensible tips on how to make your site look half decent, useful tips from Anna Powell-Smith - which also led onto this colour palette resource.

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Usability 101 for startups

  1. Useful first, usable later.
  2. Laser focus.
  3. Minimum payable product.
  4. UX is not just UI.
  5. UX is all about users.
  6. Use Empathy.
  7. Nail concept design on paper.
  8. Design is iterative.
  9. Scrap surveys.
  10. How to test with users.
  11. Analytics PLUS Usability Testing.
  12. I depend on user feedback.
  13. Wireframes using Keynote or Powerpoint.
  14. 5 UI questions to ask.
From Usability 101 for startups by Ripul Kumar via Medium.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Become a Full-Stack Employee

I read Steve Klein's post on how he "Quit My Job For Consulting: Two Months Later" and was struck by the following section:
Become a Full-Stack Employee

We often hear the term "full-stack developer" used to describe someone who can do everything from server set up to wrangling CSS. If you're striking out on your own, you need to become a Full-Stack Employee. At the very least, you'll need to partner with someone such that the two of you combined form a Full-Stack Employee. A Full-Stack Employee is a full-stack developer that can also do marketing, usability testing, adwords and facebook ads, SEO, make sense of analytics and just has a good general sense of what the product should and shouldn't do. Scott and I together make a Full-Stack Employee, you should find your complement.
I've kept the article open in my browser for days. I'm sure I've read similar elsewhere about having or sharing a rounded skill set. My personal belief is that digital project managers either have or should aim to have a similar set of "can do anything" skills in order to augment a project team.

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